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Mail support@mindwave.app if you have any questions, feedback, or need help.

Mindwave for Slack

May 22th 2020

Get a daily reminder and log your ideas, feelings and thoughts form any Slack workspace.
We’ll keep your logs private and encrypted.

Add to Slack

Check our step-by-step guide at slack.mindwave.app

Reminders at a random time

May 7th 2020

This is a new feature on my personal request. I would love to do some Mindful experiments with ‘time’. So we’ve made it possible to get a reminder on a random time. Together with the ability to change the prompt I (and you) can do experiments like:

– What are you doing right now?
– Picture your moment!
– Penny for your thoughts!

Weekly Digest for Teams

May 7th 2020

If you’re using Mindwave for Teams you now got the ability to turn on/off a weekly digest. You’ll get the Team’s highlights in your mailbox, every Friday at 19:00. A great reminder for your check-in and a trigger to reply and support others.

You can opt-in for the Weekly Digest at the Reminders page in Account & Settings.

Periodic Reflections

April 24th 2020

You can see something brand new in your Mindwave menu: Reflections.

Reflections is made to help you to do (and document) your periodic reflections. Wether you do it weekly, monthly, or quarterly is up to you. We added some simple but highly effective reflection templates to kickstart your session.

Pro-tip: You can also create your own template(s) if you prefer your own format.


April 24th 2020

Creating Templates is one of the most requested features, and it just got shipped.

Templates will make it easier to write your next Note. Especially when you use a specific format for your frequent writing.

Click on ‘templates’ at the Notes page and create your first. All you need is a title, a description, and the content itself. In general, it’s just a pre-filled content page. Plus, you can even add images to your template. So, be creative and try templates now.

What’s new

April 24th 2020

Never mis our product updates again! We simply added an alert to the header to let you know we made something new. It’s just a link to this page.

Audio and video logs

April 17th 2020

Mindwave is getting ready for the Mobile App. The mobile app is going to be a great tool for your Daily logs. We’re super excited to introduce Audio and Video in the Mobile app as well. Hang tight, we’re almost there.

In the mean time, we already made mindwave.app ready for your audio and video uploads. This is how it works.

Small restriction here…. You can only upload .mp4’s. iPhone movies are not supported in all browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) and therefore excluded for now. We have to figure out how to work around this once the IOS app is live.

Log your photos

April 17th 2020

A photo says more than a thousand words. So what about 4 photos?!
We just added the option to add up to 4 photos to your logs.

Download your original

April 17Th 2020

When you upload a photo in your Daily log we will resize your photo to keep Mindwave super fast. The original size is also saved on our servers. When you click on the enlargement you’ll find the option to download the original.


April 17th

Since we added last weeks auto-forward for Logged In users, it’s harder to find pages like our Blog, Docs, and Product Updates. So we added an About-menu to the Account & Settings page to have everything available in-app.


April 6th 2020

When you go to mindwave.app you’ll be auto-forwarded to your account. Just like Twitter and Facebook do. No need to browse the homepage every time, right?

If you only use Mindwave for Teams you’ll be auto-forwarded to your team.

Reminders for Teams

April 6th 2020

We’ve added the option to remind yourself to check-in with your team daily or weekly.

Plus, we’ve added the option to delete a team. Not recommended though 😉

Visualize your response

March 31th 2020

Team members can reply with a gif or add images with their comment.

Plus, we added some extra rights for team admins. Learn more.

Your accountability buddy 🤗

March 19th 2020

Mindwave users who go for a paid Personal Plan will get me, Marcel, as their accountability buddy. I will help you to setup your Mindwave, to get journaling into your system and to check-in every now and then to see how you’re doing.
I’m here to support you.

What would you ask yourself? 🤔

March 13th 2020

The log starts with a random teasers like “What is on your mind?” or “What are you grateful for?” Now, you can also add your own question/teaser here.

This is how it works.

Note: Team admins can do this for the Team Log as well.

Journaling via Email  📤

March 1th 2020

With our Email Service you can just hit reply to your notifications, or send an email to your unique mindwave email address, and your email will be saved in your Mindwave account.

You can enable the email service in your Account & Settings or find out more here.

Mindwave for Teams 👥

28 Feb ’20

Today we launched Mindwave for Teams, a shared journal solution for accountability buddies who learn from the past, be present and improve the future together.

You can try Mindwave for Teams with a free 14-day trial, no credit card needed.

This is how it works (short version below 👇🏻)

Coupon codes 💵

28 Feb ’20

We’ve added coupon codes to the check-out.

Use updates10 to redeem a 10% discount on your first year Personal. That way we know people read this page and the coupon code actually works 😉

Company details 🏢

28 Feb ’20

You can add your company details to get invoices addressed to your Company. Invoices are sent by email, monthly or yearly, via Stripe.

Go to your Account & Settings and choose for ‘Update billing Info’.

Most significant updates in 2019

Auto-save 💾  

16 Dec ’19

Write stories with the comfort of auto-saving.

Search 🧐  

16 Dec ’19

You can search your logs and stories.

Desktop app 💻  

1 Nov ’19

Use our Chrome Desktop App for writing focus.

Advanced journaling options 📱  

1 Nov ’19

Discover the Advanced Journaling Options: Email and SMS.

Telegram Bot and Support Group 🤖  

22 Oct ’19

Try the @MindwaveBot for Journaling via Telegram.

Define your North Star 🌟  

17 Oct ’19

monthly reflection method to help you with focus and direction.

Personalize your Mindwave ⚙️  

17 Oct ’19

Choose your reflection methods: daily, weekly, and/or monthly.

Follow public journals  📬  

14 Sep ’19

Follow public journals via RSS or Email subscription.

Journaling streak 🔥  

18 Sep ’19

Streaks are a powerful motivator to keep up your daily journaling.

Official launch 🚀  

16 Jul ’19

We launched on ProductHunt.

Track your mood 😩  

5 Jul ’19

Log and filter your mood of the day.

Clean writing ✍

5 Jul ’19

Focussed and clean writing with our new editor and improved UX.

Public journals 👀  

22 May ’19

You can now share your progress in a public journal (example).

Email reminders ⏰  

15 May ’19

Daily email reminders will help you adopt journaling as a habit.

16 Apr ’19

Implement paid subscriptions with Stripe.

Ready for private beta 🔐

27 Feb ’19

Mindwave.app is live in private beta!

Mindwave MVP 🧠 🌊  

  • Daily journaling in encrypted logs.
  • Capture stories in a private journal.
  • Share your private journal with close friends.
  • Collaborate in a journal, write and share together.