Change of Plans

A change in plans. Literally and figuratively! We’re going to delete two of our plans. No more Free plan. No more Team plan. This is what we’re gonna do instead:

  • One plan, a Mindwave subscription for $60 yearly or $9 a month.
  • Everyone starts with a free 14-day trial. No limits, no strings attached, and no credit card needed.

It feels like solving a puzzle

We launched the first version of in July 2019. So we’re still in the first year of our product development cycle. A continuous process of experimenting, testing, and improving. And we’re not afraid to make big changes if needed.

This is one of those moments. An opportunity to improve the product, even on a conceptual level.

It started three weeks ago. We got some great feedback from our Team plan users. Well, great… the solution just isn’t good enough yet. Not enough activity, not enough value.

Not a big issue of course. I started Mindwave for Teams as an experiment to see if journaling could be a team effort. And I’m still convinced it can be. I even got ‘proof’: It works for me! And if it works for me, it can work for others. The current solution just wasn’t the best fit.

So, why does it work for me?

Well, as founder & maker my team journal is more or less my journal. So I’m the one who documents and logs daily. My teammates (co-maker, freelance developers) mostly use the journal to comment and/or sometimes add something they are working on themselves.

I used to write in one Mindwave journal. Using hashtags to separate personal stuff from my business stuff. But since I have a team journal, I noticed that I have much more room (in my head and literally in the app) for my personal journaling. That’s awesome!

So, that got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone can add multiple journals? And for every journal, you can decide what to use (Logs, Notes, Reflections, North Stars) and who to share it with.

Public Journals

There was another issue that needed to be solved: Public journals!

When I started Mindwave I was convinced that public journals would be thé solution. Ok, I was wrong. Public journals never really got used, besides by me. But even over there it transformed more and more into a blog. You know, like most founders or products have.

So I already changed the ‘Stories’ option to Private Notes. People still use it to document learnings, stories, and insights. But calling it Notes is much easier to understand.

Furthermore, users could add ‘journals’ to categorize Notes. But it didn’t make sense there anymore.

That’s when the Team journal feedback really landed!

We shouldn’t have journals on Notes level. We should have journals on the highest level. Starting multiple Mindwaves. The ability to create a new Mindwave Journal, and from there share it with whoever you want to share it with. But this time, private only. No more public journals!

The changes in two screenshots

The option ‘+ add journal’ has been added to the menu.
You can decide what to use and who to share your new journal with

As you can see, adding a Teams Journal is still an option. This time, implemented from a personal usage perspective and available for everyone to try.

I’m convinced private Team Journals are great for:

  • Co-founders who keep up a journal together;
  • Masterminds who share individual progress in a group;
  • Anyone in need of support from a coach, mentor, accountability buddy, or close friends.

What about the free plan?

Well. There isn’t a free plan anymore. Please note, I’m not deleting infinite free usage here. The free plan has always been limited. Limited in usage (30 Logs, 5 Notes, etc.) and limited in functionalities.

No worries, if you were on a free plan you can still access all your data.

Plus, we added the option to re-start a 14-day trial. Even if you’ve been on a 14-day trial already. A great way to re-discover the power of Mindwave. Especially with the Mindwave IOS / Android app coming up.

Questions or feedback. Please reach out via