The North Star

The North Star is an easy way to prioritize who you are and who you want to be. It’s is a compass for the future you. A simple method for periodical reflection, focus, and direction.

The North Start starts with a basic template. It will help you get started with your first version.

The predefined sections are:

  • The future me. Describe the person who you ware, who you want to be. Use the three most important questions to ask yourself, and write down what you don’t want for your future.
  • Core Values. Let your core values help you with your most significant decisions. You can use this 50 Core Values list for inspiration.
  • The next 90-days. Determine your focus for the next 3 months. Think about goals, habits, projects and systems. You can use ICE (rate by Impact, Confidence, and Ease) if you need or want to prioritize.

In general, the North Star is just a content page. So you can make any adjustments you want, or add more headings and sections if you wish. You can even upload a photo or image if you made something in Photoshop or created a North Star doodle.

Email the North Star to yourself every month (recommended), three months, or six months. The mail will be a reminder to check-in with yourself. A monthly moment to reflect on the work you’ve done, and prioritize the work you’re planning to do.

Over time your North Star will need adjustments. You change, and your desired future changes! So use the copy option (behind the title) before you make any changes and create a new version for your North Star. Browsing older versions of your North Star will help you to discover your personal growth. Progress is one of the best motivators.

Last but not least, The North Star template is a co-creation of all Mindwave users. Got ideas to improve the template? Please give a comment in Google Docs.