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LogA secure place to capture your ideas, feelings, and thoughts

Journaling is a proven method to help you improve your mental health and to get a calm, clear, and positive mind.

  • ā° Reminders help to adopt journaling as a habit
  • šŸ”„ Streaks are a powerful motivator to keep it going
  • šŸ”’ Private and safely enctypted
  • šŸ¤– Advanced journaling via Telegram, SMS and Email

StoriesPersonal writing space without marketing and judgement

Get clarity on your thoughts, document your learnings, and share your progress for inspiration and support.

  • āœšŸ» Write stories in a super clean environment
  • šŸ‘€ Collect stories in private, shared or public journals
  • ā° Weekly reminders to document your journey
  • šŸ§ Use the Desktop App to focus even more

North StarDefine your North Star and focus on the future you

The North Star is a simple method to get clarity, focus, and direction on who you are and want to be.

  • šŸŒŸ Our template helps to get started
  • šŸž Add images to visualize the North Star
  • šŸ“¬ Auto-mail your North Star
  • šŸ¤© Save versions to see the progress made
North Star

ExperiencesLoved by online professionals

Mindwave is a BFF for founders and makers smart enough to document their journey. Chris Spowe, SaaS veteran
Chris Spowe, SaaS veteran
Sharing specific stories with close friends is a big plus compared to other journals I've used. Raymond Klompsma, Co-founder
Raymond Klompsma, co-founder
Running a start-up feels like a roller coaster ride. Mindwave keeps my mind sharp, calm and clear. Mila-Marie Bleeksma, Founder Listen & Learn
Mila-Marie Bleeksma, founder Listen & Learn
Mindwave helps me to learn from the past and to reflect on the most significant moments in life. Erwin Lengkeek, Freelance Developer
Erwin Lengkeek, Freelance developer

My journeyNot documenting my journeys is what I regret the most after 18 years of entrepreneurship.

Iā€™m building Mindwave for myself, and for everyone who wants to capture their professional journey too.

Check my journey
My journey

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