Why this blog?

Starting today, I’m going to keep up a blog. I’m going to be a writer. Wait, I can do better.

Starting today, I am a writer (Thanks Atomic Habits).

As you might know I’m already collecting personal stories in a public journal for about a year now. If you didn’t, I recommend you to check Build a Sustainable Mindwave. While your at it, go ahead and subscribe to receive my stories in your mailbox 😉

Back to this blog. Why this blog?

I’m going to write in-dept articles about journaling, writing, and mindfulness in general. Science-based articles, mixed with my personal experience and knowledge ?.

This blog fits my personal purpose: ‘to create self-help products for online professionals to live a more healthy, mindful and happy life’. Writing creates reading. Reading is a form of self-help. So, yeah. ✔ Check.

Plus, writing urges me to dig deeper, think harder and get more clarity on all of these subjects. It could, no it will help me build a better product. Awesome, ✔ Check.

Furthermore, and I’m not going to be vague about this goal, keeping up a blog with unique, valuable content could create a great, continuous source of traffic. Especially when all readers are potential users of Mindwave. Sweet, ✔ Check.

Do you want to know how I build this blog? Keep track of my journal. I’ll probably post a story how I created this blog all by myself.

I’m the front-ender, I’m the back-ender, I’m a product maker.

And starting today, I’m a writer too.

Why this blog?Cheers!