The Mindwave MVP

Hell yeah, the first version of Mindwave is online! After months of concepting, prototyping, and development I’m very proud to present this first version of Mindwave. Thnx Martijn, Arno and Jorick for the great work!

What can you do with Mindwave?

Upgrade to a paid version

Before you start, upgrade your account to a paid plan to get the most out of your Mindwave. I’m not going to tell you how to upgrade your account. You’ll should be able to figure this out on your own 🙂   (otherwise, text me for any assistance). Use this Creditcard info to upgrade for free:

Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry date: 01/21
cvc: 150
Zipcode: 12345

This is your daily journal. All entries here are 100% private and for personal purposes. Keep up a daily journal and track your thoughts, ideas, feelings (anxiety/mindfulness) and energy. 

Collect memorable moments, learnings, insights and experiences you’ll want to save for yourself and share with close friends. What are your biggest achievements of the past year(s)? Or reflect on your ambitions and collect moments in time. Check my timeline for some inspiration.

Connect a moment to an ambition. This way you create a personal timeline while pursuing your ambition. Like chapters in your entrepreneurial life. 
Journeys are shared by default with all friends. But you can make a journey private or share it with specific friends. All moments in this journey are only visible for the people you want them to share with. Again, check my journeys for more inspiration. But yeah, my private journeys (eg ‘Investments’) are private 🙂

Here you can find a timeline of recent moments. Yes, you’ll start with all my moments. But you can browse my profile… check my friends… and invite some of them to your liking. You can also invite friends by e-mail, but please use this functionality once we launch in beta. 

Testing the MVP
Mindwave isn’t mobile proof yet! The best experience is to test and check Mindwaves on your desktop. Please try all things out and give me your honest feedback. No worries, it’s just the first of many versions so there is a lot of room for improvement! Share your ideas, thoughts, and bugs. In Dutch is fine 🙂 Reply to this story, or just say hi for now. 

Cheers from Perth,

Founder @ Mindwave