Ready for private beta

The last few months we’ve been working on an improved Mindwave app. A very big release, almost a new tool, with a lot of visual and technical improvements. And some useful new functionalities. The most important changes we’ve made… 

  • New layout. We made a lot of improvements in the layout and main interactions. Some are very obvious (did you notice the new domain?), others are slick interaction improvements.  
  • Improved mobile journaling. We made it easier to add a new log on your mobile phone. Most users use their mobile phone to log feelings & thoughts and the previous Mindwave wasn’t mobile proof yet.
  • Simplified menu. We made it more clear, we hope, what log and stories is about. 
  • Onboarding. New users get an explanation on how to use the log and stories.
  • Alerts. In the top-menu you can find your notifications. For instance when you receive a friend invite or when a friend likes or replies on your story. No email notifications (yet).
  • Tags. You can now use tags in your logbook. An easy way to categorize your logs and to reflect on your feelings & thoughts. 
  • Change your daily question. The log starts with the question “What is on your mind?”. You can change this into another question (like, “What are you grateful for?”) or choose to get a different question every time. 
  • Download your content. A reason to start with Mindwave is knowing you can also quit someday. Plus, it’s part of the GPDR law anyway.
  • Collaborate on a Journey. Do you have a co-founder, partner, or someone else you share the same journey with? Collaborate to collect stories together.
  • Introduction of the ‘Free plan’. If you invite a friend to follow your journey, your friend will be on a free plan. Plus, your friend can try out Mindwave for free. After 30 logs and 3 stories your friend will need to upgrade to keep his Mindwave going.  

Mindwave is ready for the private beta period. I’m stoked!