Daily logs

Capture your ideas, feelings, and thoughts in daily logs. It will help you with a calm and clear mind.

Journaling works best if you do it daily. Try not to miss once. Never miss twice. That’s the start of a new habit: not journaling!

Our email reminders will help you to keep your streak going.

Write down whatever you want or use the daily prompt to get your thinking started. We’ve randomized the prompts for you. You can also select one specific prompt, or add your own if you prefer.

We care about your privacy. So we made the log 100% private, and all entrees are safely encrypted in our database. Only you can read your logs, not even us!

You can use tags to categorize your logs. Tags will be automatically detected after saving. Just use a # followed by a specific tag. For example, #mindwave #idea #action #friends. Tags work great when you analyze and reflect on a specific topics.

You can add a photo (up to 4) or mood to your log. These things aren’t obligatory, but it brightens your journal. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, right? Logging your mood is great for instant reflection. What do you really feel at a specific moment? Choose one of the smileys and select your feeling(s).

Reflect on your logs periodically. Go over your logs and use the sidebar to filter your entrees. Filters are an easy method to analyze a specific period, mood, or topic. Mix and match, select a couple of them to deep-dive your thoughts.

Advanced journaling options

We know everyone has their own specific journaling preferences. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible to send your thoughts to Mindwave. Why don’t you try one of these advanced journaling options:

  • Journaling via Telegram. Use our @MindwaveBot to log straight from the Telegram App. All data is synced to your Mindwave account.
  • Journaling via Email. Use a unique Mindwave email address to mail yourself. All of your emails are synced to your Mindwave account.