The first customers

The first customer was me 🙂 I’m scratching my own itch with Mindwave. Using it while building it. Also, I want to test the complete experience as a paying customer. It’s surely not an objective way to test. But at least now I know exactly what the Credit Card statements look like.

The second customer was my co-founder. He wasn’t used to daily journaling. And I encouraged him to pay for the tool, even though Mindwave was in the development phase. Because when you pay for something you have more skin in the game.

The first ‘real’ customer was a good friend of mine. Since I started building Mindwave he always ensured me he ‘s going to be my first paying customer. And so he did!

At the moment we’re in private beta and we don’t have our plans public yet. But I can’t wait to find my first ‘unknown’ customer to sign up and pay. Someone that I don’t have any connection with. What a great milestone that will be!