No social platform, so no profile pages

In the early phase of creating a new product it is a search for shipping the right features at the right time. Definitely when it’s about a new type of product. You have to choose the features that are in line with your productvision.

We have made a MVP and from that point we are making the tool better by constant itterations. When I’m looking back at the MVP, it already was too big. Maybe later more about that. In the MVP phase we get the insight that we aren’t a social platform, but we are a (personal) tool. Marcel wrote a story about that.

With the introduction of the sidebar, we made a nice decision: let’s remove the profile pages! This is very much in line with the fact that Mindwave is a tool for yourself. You don’t have to present yourself trough a perfect profile page. We made it possible to check out your friend’s stories and journeys by navigation trough the sidebar, without have a profile page.

I think this is a very nice move 🙂 

(guest blog by Martijn van der Weide)