Product launch expectations

At the moment we’re (still) in private beta mode. But not for long. We’ve implemented the sign-up flow and will launch in beta soon. No more stealth mode. Anyone can sign up now. Anyone!

So I guess product validation is here! Which for me is exciting and scary at the same time.

What excites me?

  • Learn from real users
    There about 50 people in the private beta. Almost all of them are friends or people I know personally. Most of them checked and used Mindwave for me, or because it’s me. Not because they really wanted to use it themselves. So I can’t wait for this next phase. To learn from real users. Founders & makers who use Mindwave for its core purpose; to log their entrepreneurial journey. 
  • Be the customer service
    I’m looking forward to be the customer service. To interact with (my) entrepreneurial friends. To answer questions, to get direct feedback and to help them using the product. There is so much to learn from them. So much to learn about the product. 
  • Starting point of a new phase
    Idea. Concept. Prototype. MVP. Design. Code. Private beta. All smaller steps in the pré customers phase. A safe period to test and develop whatever I wanted to. That ends now, a new phase begins. Permanent beta is here. Learning and building with real users & customers. Let’s go!

What makes me anxious?

And how I (try to) deal with it.

  • Is the product good enough?
    I’ve been postponing the launch for some time: “After this release, we’re ready to go live”. While coding this release, we’re also designing the next one. And there I go again: “After this release, we’re ready to go live”. Until we design the next features… 
    I know I need to ship. To learn from real users as soon as possible. On the other hand, I want to add as much value as possible to my users. And an important conceptual part of the product (public journeys) isn’t built yet. But then again, I also know when that feature is live, there is something else to improve.
    So, Is the current version of the product good enough to launch? I guess we’ll find out. Stop with this struggle Marcel, just ship and launch! Product validation is a process, not a launch! 
  • Did I build something no one will use?
    The nr one reason why startups fail: no market need! And a very plausible outcome of the launch will be…. nothing happens! Especially with my ‘paid customers only focus’. No trials, no users, no paying customers. Nothing!
    I’m preparing myself for nothing happens. So, I don’t want to make the launch a big deal (something that will help with the previous point as well). And just see what happens. I’m in it for the long run anyway. And the product is my focus, not the launch. Ship, launch and get back to that product focus. And build the product that I have in mind. If I build that quality product, people will find me. First one, then another, then another.