Reflection on Purpose+Profit program Happy Startup School

In May I attended the 4 weeks online course Purpose+Profit by the Happy Startup School. As I’m new to this community this year I think it was nice to give this course a try and see what It’s all about. A good way to be more active in the community and learn along the way. 

My initial goals were to sharpen the Mbassador idea/concept and make things more clear. ✅ Check!

The beauty of the program is to unfocus on the product and focus on you. What are your needs, passion, superpowers, values, purpose, success. From there Focus on your story, fans and pains. And than more about the product (Money, Design, Launch). 

It is nice to work in a group. But actually the real magic is working on yourself! Spending time to deepen your thoughts and get to the core. 

The thing I changed the most is the ‘pain’ I’m trying to solve with Mbassador. A switch from being a ‘vitamine’ to a real ‘painkiller’.  

Also, the complete website content changed over the course. Finding the right words for my vision was an awesome journey. It doesn’t come easy, but it in the end it’s very rewarding. I made an awesome ‘mission statement’ that gives heaps of energy.

Another thing I wrote in my journal during this course is that it’s awesome to be a generalist. Sometimes I look at this more negative, like: ‘if i was a specialst I would be really good at one thing’. But being a generalist pays off. I can make my own website: design + content + tech. Work from abstract (strategy, concept) to concrete (prototype). Doing everything myself is an awesome journey. I learn a lot from all aspects!

In the end doing a course like this is also a reminder to always invest in yourself. Grow and improve yourself and your product, step by step.