Ditching the tabs and introducing sidebars

Now we have some users who are testing Mindwave, we are bumping on the first feedback and insights. In our previous version, which was way to complex to understand we made some changes on the navigation. 

We reorganized the navigation from: ‘Logbook, Stories, Journeys, Friends’ to ‘Logs, Stories, Friends’. The difference between Stories and Journeys was unclear, so we combined them under Stories and presented them as 2 tabs. Journeys is actually ‘just a category’. We also added onboarding/explonation screen when you’re opening a navigation item for the first time. Also on Friend we created 2 tabs: Stories and Friends. 

Actually, it still feels complex. You click on a menu item, and the first thing you see is ANOTHER navigation. Which partly have double labels (stories under stories).. heavy shit ? Also a user was writing a story in a journey entry. So we are rethinkig this piece of UI. We treating the journey more and more as a category: using texts like ‘Add new category’, making another flow to create a new one and presenting it as A PART OF Stories.

This means that we’re ditching the tabs and introducing some sidebars!

We hope this kind of UI improvements are making the Mindwave concept stronger, easier to understand and more awesome for the user.

?Feature request: I wanna add more images.. and place them just between the content. 

(guest blog by Martijn van der Weide)