How I came up with Mindwave

After I sold one of my previous companies I decided to build a product on my own. I started working on a ‘LinkedIn for close friends’ under the code name Mbassador.

I made a mailing list with my ambassadors and updated them frequently. At one point I noticed that I was writing to inform them, where instead I wanted to write for myself and let them read it. A completely different mindset while writing. The idea of building a journal for founders and makers arose.

So I wrote the last email update to my ambassadors with this conceptual idea:

Imagine yourself being alive when Columbus was on his big expedition. How awesome would it be to be able to access his journal real-time. To be able to read his logs, to experience the journey with him. No marketing, pure authentic and raw stories. Your entrepreneurial friends are on a similar exciting journey. Wouldn’t you want to help, support and experience it with them?