Mindwave for Teams is coming…

We’ve been working hard on something brand new: Team Journals. I’m stoked to launch this product next week. Let’s make sure I don’t fuck this launch up as well ?. 

Why Mindwave Teams

Five years ago I co-founded srprs.me. An amazing startup journey that I didn’t document. Nor did my companions. What if we would have documented that journey for ourselves? All of us write and document from our own perspective. We all have a story to tell. They will be different, but they are all true!

What a valuable collection it would have been. For ourselves, for our future selves. For others who can learn or be inspired by our startup journey. Our legacy, fading away in the back of our heads… 

So why didn’t we document the process? Of course, we documented a lot. Google Drive (which I can’t access since I’m not a part of the srprs.me journey) is full of fragments, documents, and images. The Slack history is packed with tons of messages. All socials are full of user stories. And we have the srprs.me blog. That told our story, right? 

Well. I’m not srprs.me! I got a different story to tell. I got a different perspective. Plus, both me and srprs.me are in motion. We’re going in different directions. My srprs.me is not the current srprs.me. They got new stories to tell. And that’s ok. An important lesson I learned:

You are not your product, or startup! 

Could Mindwave Teams be thé solution

Documenting for your future you is really, really, really hard. But really! You don’t feel the pain (yet), and the benefits are gained somewhere in your future.

So Mindwave for Teams should be a solution for now too!

That’s where the power of journaling and writing comes in. There is so much to benefit from journaling and writing frequently:

  • You’ll reflect and learn from the past, together;
  • You’ll be more present, mindful, and grateful together;
  • You’ll improve the future, for you and your team, together.

Plus, isn’t is just more fun to document together? 

Let’s find out!

The Teams mini MVP

I want to start as simple as possible. So we ‘just’ made all functionalities that are already made for personal usage, available for Teams. “Teams’ will have a Log, Stories, and a North Star. 

Plus, all team members will get a personal account too. They don’t have to share everything with their team members. Remember, you are not your team, product, or startup!

We tested the first version ourselves. Quite surprised with how smooth Teams already works. But we needed to make some small changes though.

There was not enough visual difference between your personal log and the team log (room for errors!). Plus, even with demo content I already got the feeling I wanted to add comments to a log. Otherwise, the log will be miss-used for some kind of slow-chat. We added a reply option to the team logs so every log can be a thread. An invitation to support each other with real feedback. No like, no claps or no love buttons. 

And now, Mindwave for teams is live ?

In our live setup, we can test with real content the best. Like before, I am my first user. Which is great, because I build Mindwave for myself. I felt the pain of not documenting. And need this solution to learn, document and share my progress.

I’m only using Mindwave for teams for 1 week now. Happy to see it is already changing the way I journal and write. In my personal log, there is much more room and focus on ‘me’. Where in the team journal I document more extensively. Plus, it’s nice to have some form of interaction in an otherwise ‘quiet’ Mindwave. 

Documenting an interview in the Team Journal here.

What’s next

Test with real Teams

I would love to test with real teams! Are you already a Mindwave user and would you love to give Mindwave for Teams a try? Please reach out to me! The first ones will be grandfathered in exchange for your precious feedback, support, and help.

Ship, and see what happens

Mindwave Teams is already live. All current and new users can choose to give teams a try with the 14-day free trial. I’m not going to test until eternity and see how I can make Teams a perfect product. I’m aiming to find teams who love this idea, want to try and use it themselves and share their feedback so we can improve Teams together. Early adopters ftw! Let’s follow my bootstrapping mindset here. 


I’m going to launch Mindwave Teams next week. I can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts, ideas, and feedback. Let’s make it a good one!

Really excited to be the first to launch a journal solution for teams!