Covid-19, and my (tiny) contribution

I’m quite worried about this whole Covid-19 situation. Anxious about the health of my family, friends, and myself. Uncertain about what’s next and how long this pandemic will take.

Two weeks ago, I tweeted this: 

I couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen next. The coronavirus is affecting all of us, with no exceptions. Probably some rough months ahead for you as founder, maker, creator or freelancer as well. I feel you. I am like you. I made Mindwave for you.

Journaling is a proven method to help with a calm, clear, and positive mind. A great method to manage your stress and anxiety while documenting your progress at the same time. Daily journaling is something we can all benefit from.

In uncertain times like this, I want to help and contribute where I can. Even if it’s just a tiny, tiny gesture. So I decided to make Mindwave free for everyone who can’t afford (literally or mentally) to sign up for a subscription. Just reach out to me ( and I will upgrade you to the unlimited Personal Plan for the next 6 months. Or longer if needed. No questions asked.

Wishing you all health and happiness,

Stay safe!