Procrastinating writing my next blog

Some weeks ago I decided to add “learn how to blog” to my ambition list. 

Writing an publishing a blog is definitely something out of my comfort zone. Writing a blog isn’t easy for me. It doesn’t feel natural. It takes a lot of time and effort. Especially because I have high standards, the story should be perfect. 

Before I added ‘learn how to blog’ to my ambitions I wrote down my reasons to add this goal:

  • Document how the product & startup is build (this was before the Mbassador MVP).
  • Active learning, make things clear by writing about it.
  • Share my vision with the world. No more stealth mode.
  • Interact with early adaptors and new ambassadors. Find my tribe.
  • Connected with “Learn Business English” ambition.

Even though I have these good reasons and I changed my mindset  from ‘marketing’ to write authentic stories purposes….. I still keep procrastinating ( to write  my next story. Can’t figure out why.

Anxiety of people judging? Don’t have the discipline at the moment to just start writing? Don’t know how to start small? Not the right reasons? Something else? 

So, by sharing this story I want to log this moment in time. And create my ‘panic monster’. I ask myself, and my friends, to hold me accountable for publishing one story this week, and a new one each other week. 

By August 10th I will have 5 new published stories @ Medium. That’s a great moment for some new reflections on my ‘learn how to blog’ ambition.