Periodic Reflections

A reflection session is a great method to learn from your past and to improve your future. Let’s start with a short demo movie that covers the basics.


You can do either do weekly, monthly or even quarterly reflections. The frequency is entirely up to you. Choose whatever feels right, or what works for you. If you’re entirely new to reflections we suggest to start with Monthly Reflections and take it from there.

Re-read your Logs & Notes

Before you deep into a reflection we strongly recommend you to go over your Logs and Notes. You can easily find and re-read your highlights (low’s and highs’) by using the filters and search in the right sidebar.

Choose your template

Got to Reflections and select ‘+ New Reflection’. Here you can find the simple but highly effective reflection templates that we’ve selected for you.

You can browse the different templates by clicking ‘view’.

Choose the template you like, or try them all. This what the Plus, Minus, Next template by Ness Labs looks like.

We recommend changing the title to the period you’re reflection one like April 2020, Q2 2020 or Week 26.

Fill in the blanks (or in our example, the dots) and you just made your first reflection.

Once you have several reflections in your list, the Search and filters in the sidebar will be useful. You can either search or filter by date or template.

Create your own template

If you’re already used to do periodic reflections, you may got a template that works for you. So we added the option to create your own templates.

You’ll need a title, some content, and a description in order to save the template.

The template is just like a content page with several format options. Select a text and you’ll find all options.