Automated Highlight Reports

In July 2020 we released an exciting new feature: Automated Highlight Reports. It’s where you can find your monthly Statistics, Highs, Lows, and Most Used Moods.

Automated Highlight Reports are a perfect way to start a monthly reflection. Actually, we’ve done an important part of the job for you. By selecting the right data, you can focus on capturing insights and writing down the most important learnings.

Here is how Highlights works

Browse to the menu-item Highlights. Here you’ll find all monthly Reports since your signup. If you’re new to Mindwave, you have to wait until the 1st of the next month to get the first Highlight Report.

There is one important requirement to receive a Report: You’ll need at least 5 logs in one specific month.

The Automated Highlight Reports are dynamic Reports. Meaning, we always show your latest, encrypted data. So you can always add, edit, or delete a log afterward and still find the newest data in your Reports.

Do you write more than one Journal? We auto-add Highlights to your other journals too, provided that you have more than 5 logs in a month. So, you’ll get a Report for each Journal.

Click on ‘View report’ to go to the Report.


The Report starts with your monthly statistics. The five stats are:

✍️ The number of logs.

? Your average mood, counting the Very Sad as 1, Sad as 2, Happy as 4, and Very Happy as 5. Neutrals are left out in the calculations.

? The number of photos in your logs.

? The number of audio recordings in your logs.

? The number of movies in your logs.

Highs & Lows

The next section is Highs and Lows. We show the latest 5 logs, but you can unveil them all by clicking on ‘show more’.

There is an exception though, a pro-tip:

We show all logs with #highlight, #milestone, and #favorite first. You can use these hashtags in your daily practice to make sure a specific log will be topped at the list.

Most used Moods

The last section is the Most used Moods in your logs.

We show your 10 most used moods that month.

You can click on a mood to unveil the related logs. This will be very helpful to browse and reflect on a specific mood.

Start Reflection

After reading the Report, we encourage you to go to Reflections and write down your most important insights and learnings of the month.

Feedback or Questions

Please reach out if you have any feedback or questions. I’m looking forward to improving the Automated Highlight Reports for all of us.

FYI, we’re going to implement these feature requests soon:

  • Trial Report; receiving highlights on the last day of the 14-day trial.
  • Edit/delete logs from Reports.